Halloween Fun!

This time of year we have had so much fun in setting up Halloween themed activities for the children to investigate and explore. halloween 4There are so many talented and creative practioners out there whose ideas we magpie, adapt and use within our provision, Pinterest is a valuable resource that gives us inspiration in the strangest ways. Through our constant conversations with the children and each other, my team and I develop exciting, hands on learning experiences that enhance key skills that children can build upon and extend themselves through a range of resources which are carefully planned and provided through our continous provision.

The children loved coming in the last week of school and seeing our environment change Spiders hanging from the ceilings, silky webs plastering the walls and spooky writing mysteriously appearing on the doors of our classrooms! The engaging, exciting environment, which was enhanced by a few new resources purchased from the pound shop, meant that there was a real WOW factor when the parents/carers and children entered the classrooms last Monday.

halloween 2halloween 1

All I can say is that we had so much fun in following the children’s interests during the last week. Adapting the activities each day, following observations and conversations made the previous day ensured the children made progress in a stimulating and creative way!

In case you are after some more ideas, here is a link to my pinterest page: https://uk.pinterest.com/jeni3103/halloween-fun-eyfs-style/.


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