Progression of writing

Last year my team and I produced our own writing exemplifications based upon children in our own school. We felt that the current exemplification materials from the Dfe, although recently updated, did not reflect writing opportunities within our school.

We moderated and levelled examples of children’s writing  using the development matter statements as well as looking at the exceeding descriptors and the national curriculum.  That combined with our professional judgements and the exisiting ELG exemplification material from the Dfe, has enabled us to be very clear as a school about examples of work that are of a ELG, and exceeding national standards.

We then went back over previous years’ books and learning journals that we have kept to get other examples of evidence to back up our judgements. We use these examples when we moderate internally and with other schools.

To help parents understand this progression, we have created a display which links to the development matter statements. It clearly shows the progression and parents find it very useful! As the children’s learning develops this year,  our display will as well.


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