Tying a shoe lace!

At the beginning of every year, I seem to get the children settled on the carpet when I hear the crackling sound of Velcro….. Ah somebody is playing with their shoes, this quickly turns into an orchestra of children experimenting with their shoes, seeing who can make the loudest sound! As the year goes on, there seems to be less cackling of the Velcro and more of “can you tie my lace please?”  Now the first time is fine, second and third goes ok but when you have 15 children all tripping over their laces whilst walking around the classroom my role of the class teacher turns into chief shoe laces doer! To save my sanity my wonderful LSA made the children this wonderful resource to teach them to tie their laces themselves. The children tied all sorts of knots and they spent ages trying to untie them, they even made it into a game and challenged themselves as to who could tie their laces the quickest, my favourite was when one child was working on the big shoe, whilst another took their shoe off and said “lets race!” Let’s just say my role has now gone back to class teacher…..



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