Honey, I blew up the minibeasts!

Our topicĀ for one of the Summer terms was minibeasts….. now I still love basing learning around topics, especially when you can thread through children’s interests without too much phaffing. So minibeasts again…. As I have been teaching for a good few years, this topic seems to come around in cycles, even last year we linked … More Honey, I blew up the minibeasts!


Tying a shoe lace!

At the beginning of every year, I seem to get the children settled on the carpet when I hear the crackling sound of Velcro….. Ah somebody is playing with their shoes, this quickly turns into an orchestra of children experimenting with their shoes, seeing who can make the loudest sound! As the year goes on, … More Tying a shoe lace!

Missing numbers

This activity is an oldie but a goodie. A easy activity to set up in the first few weeks! Children love using the magnetic numbers, as the year went on the children used whiteboard markers to write missing numbers too! They even adapted the activity to challenge themselves by using blank tracks to write missing … More Missing numbers

Cable drums

I have seen so many exciting ideas of how to transform cable drums into key pieces of furniture within learning environments. However so many people ask me where to get cable drums from, if you are lucky to have a friend who works and uses cables then that is great, however like me, that is … More Cable drums

Hello world!

Well it’s been a long time coming, but I am very happy to launch my blog Creative EYFS. Within this site I will be sharing my practise of teaching within the EYFS and Year 1. This site will give ideas and share good practise amongst those who wish to create outstanding provision within the EYFS. … More Hello world!